30/any pronouns

I'm just a funky furry dude who likes dogs and video games. Internet user since 1999. I've got a Bachelor's In Fine Arts in Illustration and I currently work in the screenprinting industry. I live on the east coast & am a huge biking & public transit advocate. I sell my own merch and art at conventions such as TooManyGames, Magfest, and Momo-con! I have chronic vestibular neuritis on the left side of my brain so I have trouble walking & standing sometimes, and I get overstimulated by fast movement and multiple loud audio sources easily (sometimes from my own art/website lol) My favorite things are breakcore/D+B/gabber music, King Gizzard, iced coffee, dive bars, weird art, biking, and anime/gaming conventions!

GAMES: DOOM - Half Life - Breath of the Wild/Tears Of The Kingdom - MOTHER 2/3 - Jet Set Radio
SHOWS: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Cadcaptor Sakura - Hunter X Hunter - Danny Phantom - Seinfeld
MOVIES: HAUSU (1977) - Redline - The Brave Little Toaster - Everything Everywhere All At Once - The Iron Giant
BOOKS/MANGA: Pluto - The Dispossesed - House Of Leaves - Megaman MegaMix - Bloody Rose (The Band Series #2)

PASSPORT.midl - Windows 98 3rd Edition

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