AKA The Changelog

UPDATE: 3/20/2023

Made a account so I basically have Alternative Twitter now lol. idk where to put it yet. Maybe on the bottom of my index page?

UPDATE: 3/16/2023

Added lightboxes to my screenprinting art & original art pages! they look so CLEAN now

UPDATE: 3/15/2023

I HAVE MADE A WORKING LIGHTBOX!! FUCK!!!that was one of the hardest pieces of anything I've made. that took HOURSSSS. I only have one
on my HLVRAI art page but I will probably add a lightbox to every art page cause it just looks nicer/makes the images easier to load. goddamn tho what a nightmare.

UPDATE: 3/10/2023

Putting most of my artwork in collapsibles to make the images/pages easier to load. Will probably use lightboxes for my
original work + screenprinting work since that's harder to categorize but I gotta learn how to code that first lol.
also I realized I wrote the code for all the footers wrong whoops! but i fixed that

UPDATE: 3/9/2023

Added a button on my home page so people can link back to me! (yes I did make it with's free button maker but idk pixel art so that will have to do for now).
Also I really gotta work on fixing up the page for my OCs cause it's the one page on my site I have yet to really add a lot of CSS to.

UPDATE: 3/8/2023

took me 3 on-and-off hours trying to figure out how to make those 3 div elements center to the window on my index page good fucking lord lol.
on the bright side I think my webmaster/about me page is where I want it? so that's good!
also I think this changelog page is good too lmao

UPDATE: 3/6/2023

CSS continues to annihilate me >o> still very much in the process of building this whole site up but aaaa so difficult.
thank you to everyone who has left a note in my guestbook so far I really and truely appreciate it!

UPDATE: 3/3/2023

Does anyone know how to center a box containing all of your elements in CSS please for the love of god i'm suffering over here
also i'm adding a gif page bc why not

UPDATE: 3/1/2023

Trying VERY hard to learn CSS so my site isn't a bunch of stuff on a flat background lol. HTML my beloved CSS my detested.
I'm trying to put all my art in lightboxes & it is infuriating lol. Also I had to get rid of the poll for now cause the CSS style was breaking it RIP

UPDATE: 2/27/2023

Added more recipes to the recipes page. Also I forgot to edit all my commission art files before uploading them to my site so half of them weren't loading just cause they were so
huge file size wise lol. But I fixed that so they should be loading no problem now!

UPDATE: 2/24/2023

Added a recipes page, only have breakfast items for now but I will type up the rest soon!
Also added a page to show commission info and work, and finally added hyperlinks for the other sites I'm on.
Also if u see this vote in the poll plz I need to know what The People think.