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Last update: 03/15/2023


This is a (mostly frenrey) AU I made where Black Mesa is a dispensary instead of a research facility, bc I'm insane.

Gordon is a budtender with a duel degree in physics and chemistry, and is a divorced dad who sees his son Joshua on weekends. Benrey is a stoner with a medical card who works at Gamestop at the beginning, but soon becomes so liked by the dispensary staff that he gets a job as the security guard who checks medical IDs at the door, much to the annoyance of Gordon lol. Tommy is the resident biologist who grows new cannabis hybrids and plants. He's been working on a strain called 'Sunkist Surprise' that he's naming after his dog :).

Darnold is a chemist who tests all the product to make sure the mixtures are all good. Him and Tommy are trying to create a new high THC tincture called 'Evil Powerade', and they both have such a massive crush on each other it's driving everyone else insane. Coomer is a substitue professor who works at the college Gordon got his degree at, and he also has a medical card for chronic pain due to a workplace incident at the robotics lab he used to work at. He's got metal rods and screws in his limbs now. Bubby is also a professor at the same college but is a chemistry professor. He's known for being a hardass on students but was easier on Gordon since Coomer talks so highly of him. Bubby is also Coomer's listed caregiver and they are married and SO in love yall.

Coomer used to box but can't due to his injuries so he plays in Tekken tournaments instead and Bubby is his biggest cheerleader. Coomer and Benrey met when Coomer stopped by the Gamestop Benrey worked at to ask for fightstick recommendations and they hit it off really well. Also Forzen was Benrey's old plug who Benrey doesn't need anymore due to his medical card, so Forzen is all pissed off that Benrey is ignoring him now and by proxy he dislikes the whole science team. GMan is the regional FDA inspector.

Gordon is his usual self being very high-strung and anxious all the time, and he gets way too deep into the workings of weed for him to actually just relax and go with the flow. He's annoyed by Benrey at first but then Benrey teaches him how to relax and they get used to each other and uh oh it's the friends to lovers trope!! Gordon's down bad!!

I made a playlist for this AU btw. If you listen to this I love u 4ever.